Happy to be Running

Aonghus O'Cleirigh leading Bernard Fortune on Brockagh, June 2008. Photo courtesy of Colleen Robinson.
Aonghus O'Cleirigh leading Bernard Fortune on Brockagh, June 2008. Photo courtesy of Colleen Robinson.

It’s always a pleasure to meet Aonghus O’Cleirigh at mountain races. A former Irish orienteering champion and a consistent top-finisher at orienteering events, he’s a highly talented runner and navigator.

For someone so talented, it must be hard when injury strikes. Gus has unfortunately had his fair share of enforced rest of late.

I met him at orienteering last Sunday, lining up at the starting line. “How’s the form, Gus”, I asked him. “All good – happy that today I can run”.

Now if it was me, I’d give you a full history of the latest muscles that are still hurting and how others are still refusing to heal. Even if I was fit, I’d complain how I’m bored or tired I am of training, and how I’m still not as fit or fast as I wish.

Gus is just happy to be able to run.

Next time I go out for a run or line up for a race, maybe I should be just happy about that too – happy to be fit and healthy, and happy to have the time and energy to do something I truly love.

3 thoughts on “Happy to be Running

  1. You are right, those hills will always be there. Got loads of other plans tucked away so may not go back to the BG.

    I think injury can help re-focus on how people train. I know when I am back at full training, my plans will be radically different as injuries always seems to be tendon related therefore that says I run too much.

    Long runs will not be as long. Bike rides longer, more proper sessions and more dreaded “brick sessions”. Basically aim to get better results from more specific training. Less stress on the old tendons.

    Got to see things like this as an opportunity for change not a problem.

  2. Absolutely Anthony – you don’t realise how frustrating injury is until you get injured yourself.

    How people deal with injury is always quite interesting – there’s always a few who become obsessed and distraught about it. But its always a pleasure to meet those who see it as an opportunity to either appreciate running more or, like yourself, as a chance to take up something new! Enjoy your new mountain bike and have fun on the trails!

    P.S. The Bob Graham Round will always be there for you…

  3. Amazing how your outlook changes when injured! Been off and on for best part of 5 months now with injury. I know what he means when he says all good!

    First run after 2 months was slow, tiring and hard. Yet at the same time was a great liberating experience. Almost worth the enforced rest just to re-gain the joy of running again.

    Anyway back to injured now as probably should have rested longer. Thankfully the new mountain bike is on the way!

    Great blog by the way!

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