Surviving the 2017 Mourne Mountain Marathon

The Mourne Mountain Marathon hurts. I can still vividly remember the pain from nine years ago, when I last did the two-day race. Entering my forties has, however, made me curious to see whether I could survive it again. So this year I penciled the event into the list of races I wanted to enter. … Continue reading Surviving the 2017 Mourne Mountain Marathon


Racing the Mourne Seven Sevens in 2017

The Mourne Seven Sevens is not for the faint-hearted. It is a challenge to climb the seven peaks in the Mourne Mountains that are 700 metres or more. With the route starting at sea level in the seaside town of Newcastle, it means covering 29 kilometres of ground and 2,495 metres of climb. The event … Continue reading Racing the Mourne Seven Sevens in 2017

Why do I adventure race?

I was six months pregnant with my first child, and feeling tired and fat. I was so depressed that I couldn’t race in my current condition that I started to flick through my phone to see what my mountain running friends were up to. I saw them racing up and down mountains, and traversing entire … Continue reading Why do I adventure race?

There is no Map in Hell – Book Review

We are in an age where limits no longer apply. Runners are going further, faster, for longer, in colder and darker conditions. Races are run over days and weeks, not hours and minutes. Athletes are enduring physical and emotional torment beyond what was ever thought feasible. Steve Birkinshaw is one of those remarkable runners who … Continue reading There is no Map in Hell – Book Review

70km Killarney Adventure Race

“Oh shit”, I thought. The grating noise just didn’t sound good. I looked down. My back wheel was making a really unhealthy sound each time I turned the pedal. This was not what I planned as I left my bike at Kate Kearney’s Cottage the night before the 70km Killarney Adventure Race. I poked and … Continue reading 70km Killarney Adventure Race

Raring to go at Achill Roar Adventure Race

I was on the hunt for points last weekend at Outfront’s Achill Roar Adventure Race. It was race number five out of the nine race National Adventure Race Series, with four races in total to count. I already had two wins and a second place in the bag from three races this year, so I … Continue reading Raring to go at Achill Roar Adventure Race