Heading to Nepal

When I started writing this blog, it was mainly about running over mountains, Ireland’s mountains in particular. Then I realised I had a few stories I wanted to share about running in different parts of the world. But I was always stressed that I’d never be able to keep this ‘running around the world’ section going. Eventually I’d be stuck in Ireland and run out of foreign stories.

But nowadays the stories that abound are not those involving mountains but ones with exotic destinations. In the last four months, I’ve run in Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kenya, and Ireland. And now I’m about to start another running saga – this time in Nepal.

I’ve accepted a job in Kathmandu until the end of October. Already I’ve heard much about the mountain biking and mountain running that is incredibly exciting. So keep posted to hear more tales and see more pictures of Nepal’s incredible scenery from an Irish mountain runner.

3 thoughts on “Heading to Nepal

  1. Hey Moira, I heard the news that you are coming back to the fold (if not back to Ireland) and was thrilled to see your new job announced. We are lucky to have you back, and I hope you really enjoy Nepal. Keep in touch and shout if you need any help at all from Dublin. Bestest, Ellen.

  2. Exciting!! Well done. I’ve trekked, walked not run :(, in Neapal a few times and love it. It’s so beautiful there. You’ll have a great time!

    1. Thanks guys – yes very exciting altogether. I was in Nepal in 2007 and was blown away by the mountains. Really looking forward to the move!

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