The Wicklow Round – Two Years on

Today is my two year anniversary. So please permit me to be nostalgic.

Two years ago, I became the first person to run the Wicklow Round.

Just summiting Djouce Mountain after dawn during the 2009 Wicklow Round.

I never realised that this 26 mountain, 110 kilometre, 10,000 metre climb challenge would leave such an indelible stamp in my life. It took less than 23 hours to complete. But it took over 23 months to train for it. And it took one close but failed attempt in 2008 before I could learn and grow enough to finally conquer it a year later.

This feat made such a mark in my life that, barely after completing it, I took four months off work and decided to write everything down. I plonked myself behind a desk in Hanoi, Vietnam and wrote ever last action, feeling, emotion down. I poured out how I did it, why I did it.

The book still lies there. 85,000 words of mud, sweat, and tears. I still search for a publisher.

I hope one day the book will move from its current electronic form to print. Those who have read it have both laughed and cried at what those mountains did to me. And I do believe that there are others out there who will learn and grow as much from reading my account as I did from living it.

Want to read more about the Wicklow Round? Check out my book, “Mud, Sweat and Tears”.

9 thoughts on “The Wicklow Round – Two Years on

  1. Congratulations on your two year anniversary! And such a feat for climbing that distance and length, and good luck on your book release. Here’s to more years writing and enjoying life!

  2. Hi Moira,

    May I suggest you self-publish it as an e-book through Amazon, and promote it through blogs & facebook, posting a short PDF sample from the book, to wet the appetite.

    You can even find the main characters of christopher mcdougall’s ‘Born to Run’ on Facebook (Caballo Blanco & Barefoot Ted), and posting a link through them you can reach lots of (aspiring) runners worldwide.

    (Paper books are going out of fashion)
    On on,

  3. Thanks guys – I really appreciate your supportive words. I just need to also get my act together now and start pursuing some leads!

  4. I would buy it right away!

    The tradition of fell-running on the British Iles holds something of very special value, that a lot of other sports are trying to imitate.

    And with your proven success of communicating the challenges and pleasures of mountain running, I am sure the book is great.

  5. It’s an incredible feat! And to get the book together is the first step – I love reading your blog so am sure the book is just as great 🙂

  6. Well done Moire i enjoyed reading your account GREAT STUFF I hope to read that book soon kindest regards BAJP

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