Classics on a Rock on an Aspen Rim Trail Run

I woke up early to blue skies, crisp air, and the sun rising over picture perfect slopes. It was my last day in Snowmass village, just outside the ski resort of Aspen. An early morning run would be the best antidote to the 5 hours I knew I’d spend in the car that day.

The Snowmass Aspen Rim Trail Run.

I found a trail online that headed straight up the mountainside and on to the rim which circles above Snowmass. A switch backed 20 minutes of uphill brought me to the top and a smorgasborg of early morning views.

Incredible views from the Rim Run above Snowmass Village, CO.

And if the views weren’t enough, I then came upon a rock. And on it was inscribed the reason I trail run, the reason I love mountains, the reason I get up so early to be in the outdoors.

Quietly the spirit and beauty of the mountains fill my heart.

I open to the awe and sense of discovery.

I feel free and alive and at peace.

Nearby I hear God saying “Hello,

Do you want to play?”

Stark King 1945-1996

The view that the rock looks over – what an incredible playground the Rocky Mountains are!

Sometimes I can get so caught up in racing, in being fit, in being in peak condition. But ultimately my real reason for mountain running is really what the poem says. It was good to be accidentally reminded of those reasons in the Rocky Mountains, one of the most beautiful places that God has given us to play in on this earth.

The rock, all ready to be discovered for those who come out to play in the Rocky Mountains.

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