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Bump, Bike and Baby – Mummy’s Gone Adventure Racing (2018)

BBB_CoverMoire O’Sullivan is a carefree mountain runner with zero interest in children. Unfortunately, she has promised her husband they’ll start a family. Can she maintain her sanity when faced with baby massage classes and travel-buggy systems? Can she win Ireland’s National Adventure Race Series and still learn to become a loving (and occasionally functioning) mummy?

“A honest, humorous and insightful account into the challenges of bringing children into the world while continuing to live the life of an athlete. A must-read for mums who run.” Sonia O’Sullivan, Olympic medallist.

“A winning journey through pregnancy, motherhood and mountains. You can’t stop until you get to the end.” Jasmin Paris, Champion Fell Runner.

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Mud, Sweat and Tears – An Irish Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery (2011)
In July 2008, Moire O’Sullivan made a solo attempt on the Wicklow Round, a gruelling endurance run spanning a hundred kilometres over twenty six of Ireland’s remotest mountain peaks. After twenty one and a half hours she collapsed, two summits from the end. Battered and bruised, yet undeterred, she returned a year later to become the first person ever to complete the Round in less than twenty four hours.“Mud, Sweat, and Tears” is the first book to tell one woman’s story about her passion for mountain running, a passion that has brought her to the heights of some of Ireland’s most impressive mountains and to the depths of her own human limitations.

“Inspiring stuff: an awe-inspiring tale of guts, passion and pig-headed refusal to surrender.” Richard Askwith, Author of Feet in the Clouds.

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23 thoughts on “Buy the Books

  1. Hi Moire,
    I have just finished the book. Fantastic! I am not a runner- nor an athlete of any description really, just trying to stay fit by various means- but I identify with the struggle for achieving greatness in a particular field. In my case I am delivering health education in an effort to decrease maternal mortality in Malawi- and the sacrifice required in your personal life and the need for support from friends and family is so similar to what you have described brilliantly. Your book is an inspiration- even to a non-athlete. Your insight to your own feelings and the effect of your commitment on your nearest and dearest is eloquently articulated throughout. Even as a non-athlete I could identify with so much of what you write, your inner struggles etc. You are an inspiration to all – but particularly to women. Thank you for what you do and for writing the book. I have a 17 year-old daughter and I think your book should be on the reading list for our 16/17 year olds. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks very much. Best of luck in the rest of your endeavours.

  2. Hello Moire.
    I have just finished reading your book, ‘Mud Sweat and Tears’ and I have got to say I am very sad it’s ended!
    I’m fairly new to fell running but coming from a mountain hiking/trail running back ground I have quickly fallen in love with the sport.

    I found your book fun and inspiring and I really hope you write another book documenting your mountain adventures.
    Best wishes in your pursuits

    Naomi from England x

  3. Moire,

    Excellent book! I’ll recommend it to other who may be interested.

    It brought back memories of my trip to Scotland and Ireland in ’08. I ran Isle of Jura and Carrauntoohil. Both epic events and great memories. The Wicklow Round sounds a lot like what we call “FKTs” (Fastest Known Times, see ). A route is established and runners attempt to cover it at whatever speed they can. Many routes are in national parks or designated wilderness areas where pay-for-entry competitive events would not be allowed.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your book. I’ve run mountainous ultramarathons (Western States, Leadville, Wasatch, Hardrock…) for over 20 years, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to identify with some of your experiences ‘out there’.

    Best wishes,

    Martin Miller
    Helena, Montana, USA

  4. Massively inspiring read Moire – thanks. Finished the book then immediately booked myself on a beginners fell running camp in Snowdonia! Can’t wait!! Thanks and well done. Chris Coleman

  5. WOW!! What an awesome story!! I couldn’t have read this at a better time, over the past 2 years I have made 2 attempts to complete a 100 mile ultra marathon with no success. The first attempt I gave into pain and negative thoughts and my second attempt was just a few weeks ago where I enocuntered horrible weather that slowed me down and eventually led to me missing a cut off at an aid station where race officials had no choice but to remove me from the race. I had made 60 miles and was heart broken when I realized that this years attempt at 100 miles was over. I got so much from your story of your own personal journey to succeed at something that is so very near and dear to your heart, something that consumes so much of your time and takes so long to prepare for. Thank you for sharing this!!! My next attempt at 100 miles is March 2013 I will definitely be thinking of you and your journey to complete the Wicklow Round as inspiration to just keep moving forward towards my finish line!! Thank you again!!!!!

    1. Oh dear Erica, you poor thing. Such bad luck on your 2nd attempt. But sure, don’t they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”… so you’ll be a strong woman for 2013! Best of luck, and do let us know how you get on.

  6. Hi, just finished reading mud sweat and tears whilst on holiday abroad . Well done you. It made the morning forest run super. I run road races , marathons etc. 3 wks ago i ran up seefin , Torc and strickeen, not all in 1 day I should add, so at a cross road do to speak ….wild west run this year gave me a taste of it… Hard to explain. John

  7. Just finished reading Mud, Sweat and Tears. It took me a little longer than 24hrs. Fantastic read. All the more happy to have discovered your inspirational Blog. Thanks Moire 🙂

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