A Day in Sydney

sydney_opera_bridgeWe were in Sydney for a single day, on transit to our friends’ wedding.

After a good night of wining and dining, we’re up early before for a leisurely morning run. And where else would you be jogging but up and over the Harbour Bridge with stunning views of Sydney to left and right. Back over the bridge and along a walkway which deposits us directly beside the Opera House. From there we skirt the seawalls, blue waters to the left and rich botanical gardens to the right.

Sydney certainly tops the list as one of the most scenic city-centre training spots.

2 thoughts on “A Day in Sydney

  1. Thanks for the tip Niamh… I saw on the map that you can run pretty far along the coastline but we didn’t know how far. Good to know now for the next time we head that side of the water.

  2. That is a great run:) If you go back again, try out by the coastline – from Maroubra down towards Bondi is one of the best sea-view runs ever! Just don’t try it at on Sat/Sun when the weekend walking warriors are about, so frustrating!

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