Kep keeps mountain bikers on their toes

Round 2 of the Cambodia Mountain Biking Series brought us to the coastal town of Kep. What with the course being a 3 hour drive from Phnom Penh, it provided the ideal chance for a fun weekend away by the sea. I knew the course would be fast and furious. There are precious few technical … Continue reading Kep keeps mountain bikers on their toes

River Kwai Adventure Race, Kachanaburi, Thailand

I first adventure raced in Ireland back in 2006. Though I loved the idea of multi-sports (kayaking, mountain biking, mountain running and orienteering all packed into one race), I never warmed to the fact that it left you cold, wet, miserable, hungry and often lost and in the dark. Adventure Racing in South East Asia … Continue reading River Kwai Adventure Race, Kachanaburi, Thailand

Chaotic Kathmandu Marathon

I like races that differ from the norm. I like doing races that only a few others would ever contemplate doing. That’s why, despite swearing that I would never ever do another road race ever again, I signed up for the Kathmandu marathon that took place yesterday. You might think that the Kathmandu marathon would … Continue reading Chaotic Kathmandu Marathon

Speeding Down Earl’s Drive

I’m not a speedy 10k flat road runner. I’m a long distance endurance mountain runner. But that didn’t stop me from turning up recently to IMRA’s trail league for a fast and semi-flat 7km race. IMRA’s trail league is a series of three Wednesday night races held in August at the end of the popular … Continue reading Speeding Down Earl’s Drive

Racing the Mournes Seven Sevens

The Mourne Mountains Seven Sevens race takes place every year on the first weekend in August. I have always wanted to run it. But alas, I was often busy or away on that fateful weekend. Last year, knowing I would miss out again, I ran the route for fun instead, taking pictures as I went. … Continue reading Racing the Mournes Seven Sevens

Bumps and Bites from my weekend Jungle Adventure

There’s that itch again. I look down. There’s a ring of red raw lumpy mounds on both of my shins. And they seem to be pulsating. I must have got them from that 3 hour “jungle run” in the middle of the night, the starting leg of the Magadui Trophy adventure race. Last weekend I … Continue reading Bumps and Bites from my weekend Jungle Adventure

Hong Kong Half Mountain Marathon

We were looking for a flight home to Hanoi on the weekend of 9/10 January. However it is nearly impossible to fly straight into Hanoi on a long-haul international flight. It meant flying into neighbouring hubs such as Bangkok or Singapore or Kuala Lumpar or Hong Kong. Via Hong Kong? Where all the mountains are? … Continue reading Hong Kong Half Mountain Marathon

Hanoi Half Marathon, 13 December 2009

|I’ve already sworn on this blog that I would never run a road race again, a resolution I made only ten days ago in fact. But it was hard to resist the temptation to compete in the Red River Runners Half Marathon in Hanoi last Sunday. So I’ve already broken my vow. It was more … Continue reading Hanoi Half Marathon, 13 December 2009

Racing for Peace around Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake

It’s not every Sunday that I get up at 5 am to do a one mile race around the city’s lake. But it was the first proper race that I’ve heard of taking place in Hanoi. And all of the Red Rivers Runners that I train with were going, so I figured I’d tag along. … Continue reading Racing for Peace around Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake

Making the Transition

I have been in Vietnam now for the last two weeks. And believe me, the place is great... great climate, fabulous food, interesting history, and peaceful people. On the sporting side of things, there seems to be plenty to do. I have met up with the Saigon Hash for Sunday runs around the countryside. Last … Continue reading Making the Transition