Back home in Ireland for 2013

2012 was quite a year. A little over 12 months ago, I was living and working in Cambodia. I visited Burma for a week in February, getting to run around the famous Bagan Temples and the capital Yangoon’s streets. In early March I was off to Thailand to compete in the River Kwai Adventure Race. … Continue reading Back home in Ireland for 2013

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

I use a lot of photos on my blog. But for years I’ve always wanted to take and use better ones. It’s not that I lack opportunity for great shots what with the amount of travel I do. For example whilst I was on Spain’s Camino last month, I took some not bad pictures. But … Continue reading A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

The Murky Mekong River Swim

The Mekong River is the world’s 12th longest river. Starting in China, it passes through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam before finally dumping into the ocean. Last Sunday I decided to swim a piddling part of it, 600 metres to be precise out of its total length of 4,350 kilometres. The Mekong River Swim … Continue reading The Murky Mekong River Swim

1st Vertical Stair Race in Phnom Penh

I like to run up mountains. But without any mountains around Phnom Penh city, I decided to sell my soul back in January and race up a set of stairs. Phnom Penh tower is one of the capital’s tallest buildings at 192 metres. And earlier this year, Child Helpline Cambodia managed to trick the tower’s … Continue reading 1st Vertical Stair Race in Phnom Penh

Bokor Mountain – now open for business!

For months Cambodia’s Bokor Mountain has been officially closed. The public were barred due to reconstruction of the road that winds its way to the top. Finally, I heard that it was open again to the masses, and so took my road bike out on Sunday for a spin to its summit. It’s around 8 … Continue reading Bokor Mountain – now open for business!

Mountain Biking in Cool Kirirom

Kirirom is a 700 metre high hill in Kampong Speu Province, 2 hours’ drive from Phnom Penh. Geoff was in town, and we wanted to show him a good time, so we headed straight for the hill. Kirirom is synonymous with mountain bikers for its wicked forest single track. It’s also the venue for annual … Continue reading Mountain Biking in Cool Kirirom

Lucky to be alive after Road Biking to Sihanoukville

5 road accidents. That’s the number of incidents I saw during a mere 240 kilometres’ cycle over New Year's. None of them were drink related. All of them were in broad daylight. Road accident #1: I set out from my home in Phnom Penh at 7am to start ride my bike to Sihanoukville via Kampot. … Continue reading Lucky to be alive after Road Biking to Sihanoukville