The Best Park in Town

It’s only when you leave home that you appreciate what's there. So it is with Dublin’s Phoenix Park. During the three years I lived in Dublin, I took the Park for granted. Practically every weekday, I ran through this vast expansive wood and grassland, doing laps around its eleven kilometre circumference or racing straight through … Continue reading The Best Park in Town

Top Marks for Tibradden

I’m a great fan of the old Tibradden track. It’s just right for the days when I want to go for a 90 minute mountain run, but don’t want to travel too away far from home. On days like these, Tibradden is the place where I’d be headed. Tibradden is right in the middle of … Continue reading Top Marks for Tibradden

Christmas Eve in the Dublin Mountains

It was the day before Christmas. As per usual, pandemonium reigned in Dublin’s supermarket aisles and department stores with last minute shoppers frantically buying groceries and presents. I needed to get away. But where can you go to escape all these constant Christmas reminders? Fortunately, us Dublin dwellers have the Dublin mountains perched literally on … Continue reading Christmas Eve in the Dublin Mountains