Mountain Mentors

How do you learn to read a map and use a compass? How do you get good at route choice and cluster order? Who do you ask about fell-running shoes and mountain-running bags? How do you work out what to eat and drink, and how often to do so in different types of races? Courses … Continue reading Mountain Mentors

The Serious Condition of Cluster Phobia

The medical condition called “Cluster Phobia”, though difficult to identify, is often found rife amongst mountain marathon runners. Cluster Phobia symptoms manifest themselves as follows: in navigational events, the map coordinates for checkpoints are normally given together with the order in which they must be visited. The challenge here is in determining your route choice … Continue reading The Serious Condition of Cluster Phobia

Coming off Tonlagee … at Night

It’s hard coming off Tonlagee at the best of times. Every year, IMRA runs the Circuit of Glenmacnass, a 20km race that takes you up and over 1000 metres of climb, summiting Brockagh, Tonlagee and Scarr on your way. Though the race is consistently run in June when it is broad daylight, even in clear … Continue reading Coming off Tonlagee … at Night

Fast Food for Mountain Marathons

During mountain marathons, you need two types of food – one type for when you are running during the day and another lot for when you’re hanging out at the overnight camp. The overnight camp food is easy – you need dehydrated food that is lightweight and got loads of calories. Dried tortellini pasta mixed … Continue reading Fast Food for Mountain Marathons

The Worst of Weather for the 2008 Irish 24 hour Rogaine

Rogaining is a sport of long distance navigation on foot for teams of two or more over a twenty four hour period. The object of the sport is to score points by finding checkpoints located within a specially mapped area within the allowed time period. As checkpoints / controls can be visited in any order, … Continue reading The Worst of Weather for the 2008 Irish 24 hour Rogaine

Waiting to Attempt the Wicklow Round – July 2008

Lights shone through the darkness, exposing the path straight ahead. 2.20 am. I sat in the car, silent and scared. This was it lads. This is what I’d be thinking, dreaming, eating, sleeping and training for, for the last 12 months. The Wicklow Round lay right on down that track. All I had to do … Continue reading Waiting to Attempt the Wicklow Round – July 2008

Nothing like a bit of Local Mountain Knowledge

Angle Tarn with Hanging Knots to the Right, Lake District. Photo courtesy of Mark, Maps don’t always tell you all that’s out there. I was doing the Great Lakeland 3 Day, a three day navigational event covering 100 miles of distance and 30,000 ft in climb in the UK’s Lake District. Not from the … Continue reading Nothing like a bit of Local Mountain Knowledge