Learning the ‘trick’ to the 6 Hour Rogaine

Ireland’s Annual Rogaine is one of this country’s best kept secrets. Every year, Setanta Orienteers hosts this race deep in the Wicklow Mountains on the weekend closest to the summer solstice. I’ve entered this race twice before, in 2007 and 2008. On my last outing, my partner Andrew and I were subjected to the worst weather … Continue reading Learning the ‘trick’ to the 6 Hour Rogaine

The Glacial Lakes Race – Three steps forward, two short steps back

I’ve always wanted to run the Glacial Lakes race since its inception in 2012. This year, I was finally in the right place at the right time, and was able to put in an entry. IMRA’s Glacial Lake event is a 43km race with 1,783 metres of ups and downs. It is primarily designed for … Continue reading The Glacial Lakes Race – Three steps forward, two short steps back

Racing after Art O’Neill

I’ve never felt so guilty about having a race entry. Back in October, the Art O’Neill Challenge started to sell race places. The Challenge itself consists of 55km of terrain, 25km on road and 30km deep within the Wicklow Mountains. What makes it all the more difficult is that it starts in the middle of … Continue reading Racing after Art O’Neill

Jaunt around Wicklow’s Glacial Lakes

The temptation to run up and down summits befalls most mountain runners. So when a race route suggests running to mountain lakes as opposed to mountain peaks, it’s always work checking out. This year, IMRA released its Glacial Lakes route, a 40 odd kilometer jaunt around 7 of Wicklow’s Lakes. Starting from Glendalough Hotel, it … Continue reading Jaunt around Wicklow’s Glacial Lakes

Back on Irish Soil and Bog – A Circuit of Avonbeg

I needed a good dose of Ireland’s mountains when I got back home in April. So where better to head than to Wicklow, and to the Valley of Glenmalure? I have a habit of following the IMRA race calendar when I’m away from home, looking at the up and coming races, checking out the results … Continue reading Back on Irish Soil and Bog – A Circuit of Avonbeg

Wicklow Round – Group Effort or Go Solo?

As of 2011, three people have completed the Wicklow Round on their own. And one group of three people have finished it together. So which is best? Going alone or as part of a crowd? The question only came to mind last week when I gave a talk at Basecamp on the Wicklow Round together … Continue reading Wicklow Round – Group Effort or Go Solo?

Circuits of Glendalough and Glenmacnass

I had two days free in Ireland to do whatever I wanted. So, of course, I went running in the Wicklow Mountains. What with having no car of my own, I took the 11.30am St. Kevin’s bus to Glendalough from Dublin’s Dawson Street. I plonked my bags into the nearest bed and breakfast, grabbed my … Continue reading Circuits of Glendalough and Glenmacnass

Sunshine at last!

The Sun will come out... TODAY!!!! Bet your bottom dollar, that TODAY, there’ll be sun!!! Yes, it was bright and blue and beautiful over Wicklow, and in particular over Brockagh today. After weeks of rain and wind and generally sh*te weather, today the clouds cleared and voila... it produced picture-perfect shots like this one - … Continue reading Sunshine at last!

Boggy Ballybraid

I only decided to run the race at the last minute. It was either that or stay in the house, eat more chocolate cake, and get even more depressed about the weather. For yet another week, the weather was wet and windy, and thus a Wicklow Round attempt was simply not on. So on Friday … Continue reading Boggy Ballybraid