The Murky Mekong River Swim

The Mekong River is the world’s 12th longest river. Starting in China, it passes through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam before finally dumping into the ocean. Last Sunday I decided to swim a piddling part of it, 600 metres to be precise out of its total length of 4,350 kilometres. The Mekong River Swim … Continue reading The Murky Mekong River Swim

1st Vertical Stair Race in Phnom Penh

I like to run up mountains. But without any mountains around Phnom Penh city, I decided to sell my soul back in January and race up a set of stairs. Phnom Penh tower is one of the capital’s tallest buildings at 192 metres. And earlier this year, Child Helpline Cambodia managed to trick the tower’s … Continue reading 1st Vertical Stair Race in Phnom Penh

What I see when running in Phnom Penh

Not many people realise how beautiful Cambodia’s capital city is. In fact, my weekday running route is pretty incredible when it comes to impressive buildings. Within one kilometre of my front door, there’s the imposing Independence Monument. Built in 1958, it commemorates Cambodia's independence from France in 1953. Right beside it, there's a long park … Continue reading What I see when running in Phnom Penh

Mountain Biking on Mekong Island

So far, I know two mountain biking routes out of Phnom Penh. One goes North. The other goes South. So when I got the Sabay Cycling group email suggesting mountain biking to the East of Phnom Penh, I had to take them up on the offer. The Sabay Cycling Group has just been formed in … Continue reading Mountain Biking on Mekong Island

Mountain Biking around Phnom Penh

I’ve been taking some time off from running lately, so have been out and about mountain biking instead. Not that Cambodia has many mountains to go biking on. But there’s a few guys that head out on their mountain bikes on the weekends to ride the flat dirt roads in and out of Phnom Penh. … Continue reading Mountain Biking around Phnom Penh