Learning the ‘trick’ to the 6 Hour Rogaine

Ireland’s Annual Rogaine is one of this country’s best kept secrets. Every year, Setanta Orienteers hosts this race deep in the Wicklow Mountains on the weekend closest to the summer solstice. I’ve entered this race twice before, in 2007 and 2008. On my last outing, my partner Andrew and I were subjected to the worst weather … Continue reading Learning the ‘trick’ to the 6 Hour Rogaine

Jaunt around Wicklow’s Glacial Lakes

The temptation to run up and down summits befalls most mountain runners. So when a race route suggests running to mountain lakes as opposed to mountain peaks, it’s always work checking out. This year, IMRA released its Glacial Lakes route, a 40 odd kilometer jaunt around 7 of Wicklow’s Lakes. Starting from Glendalough Hotel, it … Continue reading Jaunt around Wicklow’s Glacial Lakes

Back on Irish Soil and Bog – A Circuit of Avonbeg

I needed a good dose of Ireland’s mountains when I got back home in April. So where better to head than to Wicklow, and to the Valley of Glenmalure? I have a habit of following the IMRA race calendar when I’m away from home, looking at the up and coming races, checking out the results … Continue reading Back on Irish Soil and Bog – A Circuit of Avonbeg

Circuits of Glendalough and Glenmacnass

I had two days free in Ireland to do whatever I wanted. So, of course, I went running in the Wicklow Mountains. What with having no car of my own, I took the 11.30am St. Kevin’s bus to Glendalough from Dublin’s Dawson Street. I plonked my bags into the nearest bed and breakfast, grabbed my … Continue reading Circuits of Glendalough and Glenmacnass

A Foray into the Mountains in the Middle of the Night

It had to be done: a night run from Drumgoff to Glendalough. So instead of the usual warm pub and cold pints last Friday night, I found myself instead in the dark in Glenmalure Inn car park at 7.30pm. Paul Nolan, Jason Reid and myself had thought it a grand old idea to go running … Continue reading A Foray into the Mountains in the Middle of the Night

An Irish Winter Wonderland in Glendalough

It’s been snowing all week in Dublin. The city has melted most of it, but I knew there’d probably still be snow on the mountains. AA Roadwatch confirmed that even getting to the mountains would be dangerous: icy road conditions for all of County Wicklow, with a particular warning to stay away from Sally and … Continue reading An Irish Winter Wonderland in Glendalough