A Nepal version of the Wicklow Round around Kathmandu?

My mate, Roger, lives in Kathmandu. Not only is he a mad mountain runner, but he’s an increasing promoter of mountain races in Nepal. Now, having read my book on the Wicklow Round, his thoughts have turned to the possibility of a similar Round around Kathmandu’s mountain rim. As Roger himself has recently penned, “Races … Continue reading A Nepal version of the Wicklow Round around Kathmandu?

Summiting Shivapuri

There’s a big green blog at the top of my map of Kathmandu Valley. The Shivapuri Watershed and Widlife Reserve has lain temptingly there for months, waiting for me to explore. I finally had a chance last Sunday to breach the green line around it and to head to its summit at 2725 metres. I … Continue reading Summiting Shivapuri

Hindus and Buddists praying side-by-side

Hinduism and Buddhism are the main religions followed in Nepal. They are both practised freely and colourfully, with temples and shrines littered throughout the city streets. In Kathmandu in particular, Tibetan Buddhists and Nepali Hindus worship side by side without division or discrimination. And nowhere is this more evident than in the adjoining villages of … Continue reading Hindus and Buddists praying side-by-side

I’d blame the map

I wanted to run the Champadevi Ridge last weekend. And it looked really simple on the map. Run out the front door, head west through Patan, then over the bridge to Panga. From there I’d pick up a road to the miniature villages of Yacho and Khatrichhap whilst bearing all the time straight ahead to … Continue reading I’d blame the map