The Joys of Jamacho Peak and Nagarjun Forest

“Where do you want to run this weekend?” Roger and Richard asked. I didn’t mind. Just as long as there were mountains involved and absolutely no leeches, I was up for running anywhere. In the end, we all agreed to head to Jamacho peak, just west of Kathmandu city. At 2095 metres altitude, it’s the … Continue reading The Joys of Jamacho Peak and Nagarjun Forest

Summiting Shivapuri

There’s a big green blog at the top of my map of Kathmandu Valley. The Shivapuri Watershed and Widlife Reserve has lain temptingly there for months, waiting for me to explore. I finally had a chance last Sunday to breach the green line around it and to head to its summit at 2725 metres. I … Continue reading Summiting Shivapuri