Quest Wales Adventure Race

Last weekend’s Quest Wales Adventure Race was a great excuse for a quick holiday break away. All it took was a speedy ferry ride from Dublin to Holyhead and, in less than an hour, I was in Betws-y-Coed in the heart of Snowdonia, race HQ for the weekend. Wales is a brilliant place for anyone … Continue reading Quest Wales Adventure Race


Head-to-head Battle at Quest Killarney 2017

You’d think, after four years of doing events like Quest, that I would find adventure racing easy. Instead, it’s quite the opposite: It seems to get harder with each event. Just look at last weekend when, for the third time, I lined up at one of Ireland’s toughest adventure races, Quest Killarney. I don’t think … Continue reading Head-to-head Battle at Quest Killarney 2017

70km Killarney Adventure Race

“Oh shit”, I thought. The grating noise just didn’t sound good. I looked down. My back wheel was making a really unhealthy sound each time I turned the pedal. This was not what I planned as I left my bike at Kate Kearney’s Cottage the night before the 70km Killarney Adventure Race. I poked and … Continue reading 70km Killarney Adventure Race

Chasing after the Danes in The Sperrin Mountains’ Raid

“We have to go out fast”, our team leader said. We all agreed. Looking around the room, there was some serious competition. Not only had Irish team “Get No Sleep” turned up, but there was a group of foreigners in our midst. They had to be good if they were sponsored by Salomon and had … Continue reading Chasing after the Danes in The Sperrin Mountains’ Raid

Keeping clear of Hippos whilst Kayaking in Kenya’s Lake Victoria

“My son’s friends got attacked by a hippo when they were once out kayaking”, Nathalie says between paddle strokes. She has invited me to join her on a morning’s kayaking trip on Lake Victoria whilst I’m visiting her in her Kenyan home. “The hippo came out of nowhere and overturned the boat”, Nathalie continues. Images … Continue reading Keeping clear of Hippos whilst Kayaking in Kenya’s Lake Victoria

Barred from Bokor Mountain

I’m always desperately trying to find mountains to run up and down here in Cambodia. So, after asking a few regular runners in Phnom Penh (albeit it road runners), I discovered that Bokor Mountain was a potential option. Bokor Mountain, at 1079 metres, is around 3 hours’ drive south of Phnom Penh. The Ultimate Cambodia … Continue reading Barred from Bokor Mountain