Getting Back in the Saddle

6 weeks. That's how long the medics said it would take before I could start training again. 6 weeks! That's nearly a month and a half. That's far too long to have to wait after 9 months of seemingly never ending pregnancy. I knew that Irish Olympian Sonia O'Sullivan didn't hang around for 6 weeks … Continue reading Getting Back in the Saddle

Pregnant and Keeping Fit – Is it even Possible?

The reason why I've not blogged recently is because, for the last 9 months, I've been pregnant. Pregnancy and running are an unhappy combination. For starters, the advice about whether or not to run during pregnancy is at best mixed. Doctors are happy to give general statements about 'keeping fit', whilst others frown seriously at … Continue reading Pregnant and Keeping Fit – Is it even Possible?