The Battle of the Handbags/Bumbags at the Circuit of Brockagh

Long mountain races don’t attract many women. So I wasn’t surprised when I was the only lady registering for the noontime start of the Circuit of Brockagh race. The race promised 28 kilometres over three mountains with 1,372 metres of climb. Even the men were far and few between, put off by the apparent distances … Continue reading The Battle of the Handbags/Bumbags at the Circuit of Brockagh

Sunshine at last!

The Sun will come out... TODAY!!!! Bet your bottom dollar, that TODAY, there’ll be sun!!! Yes, it was bright and blue and beautiful over Wicklow, and in particular over Brockagh today. After weeks of rain and wind and generally sh*te weather, today the clouds cleared and voila... it produced picture-perfect shots like this one - … Continue reading Sunshine at last!

Coming off Tonlagee … at Night

It’s hard coming off Tonlagee at the best of times. Every year, IMRA runs the Circuit of Glenmacnass, a 20km race that takes you up and over 1000 metres of climb, summiting Brockagh, Tonlagee and Scarr on your way. Though the race is consistently run in June when it is broad daylight, even in clear … Continue reading Coming off Tonlagee … at Night