My Wicklow Way Ultra

Race registration is one of the most nerve-wrecking moments of running in mountain races. Who is going to turn up to the race? Who will I be battling it out with on the hills? Few girls ever turn up to run the Wicklow Way Ultra: there’s rarely more than three ladies who want to run … Continue reading My Wicklow Way Ultra

My Ruby Red Shoes – The New Salomon S-lab XT Wings

One of the major perks of writing for Mud, Sweat and Tears is that I get to try out new running gear and to write all about them. The latest bit of kit to try out are the Salomon S-Lab XT Wings Trail Shoes. I had a run in them last Monday up and around … Continue reading My Ruby Red Shoes – The New Salomon S-lab XT Wings

How could you not get excited?

The clocks go forward this weekend. The days are getting longer. Summer is right around the corner. And, more importantly, it’s a sure sign that the mountain racing season is just about to start! How could you not get excited by it all when you see what’s lying in store. There’s the mountains... And the … Continue reading How could you not get excited?