Vandalism in the Hills

It seemed like such a great idea - take the flexi-day off work and go for a nice long run in the hills. I decided to run from Tonduff North to Prince William’s Seat and back, a good three hours of mountain fun. I parked the car along the Wicklow Mountain’s Military Road, just north of … Continue reading Vandalism in the Hills

My Wicklow Way Ultra

Race registration is one of the most nerve-wrecking moments of running in mountain races. Who is going to turn up to the race? Who will I be battling it out with on the hills? Few girls ever turn up to run the Wicklow Way Ultra: there’s rarely more than three ladies who want to run … Continue reading My Wicklow Way Ultra

Have you seen this shoe?

It was Monday morning. I was back at the office. My weekend run in the Wicklow Mountains seemed oh so far away. As usual, I opened up my outlook inbox to see what emails I had to deal with that day. Nestled amongst various work tasks I found an email from a fellow mountain runner. … Continue reading Have you seen this shoe?