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We are in an age where limits no longer apply. Runners are going further, faster, for longer, in colder and darker conditions. Races are run over days and weeks, not hours and minutes. Athletes are enduring physical and emotional torment beyond what was ever thought feasible.


Steve Birkinshaw on his way to breaking the 214 Wainwright Peaks Fastest Known Time (FKT) in 2014.

Steve Birkinshaw is one of those remarkable runners who know no limits. No longer content to ‘just’ win the Original Marathon Mountain and the relentless Dragon’s Back Race the length of Wales, in 2014 he set out to break Joss Naylor’s ‘unbreakable’ record of traversing the 214 Wainwright peaks in the Lake District in just over seven days.

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As of 2011, three people have completed the Wicklow Round on their own. And one group of three people have finished it together. So which is best? Going alone or as part of a crowd?

Paul Nolan, Paul Mahon and Jason Reid completing the Wicklow Round as a team

The question only came to mind last week when I gave a talk at Basecamp on the Wicklow Round together with Paul Nolan. Paul was one of the awesome threesome that is the only group thus far to complete the Wicklow Round. During the Q&A session, it was obvious that we were giving pretty different answers to the same questions. And many of these differences seemed to come about due to our different team compositions.

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